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Until recently, talking about depression was considered taboo. But things have changed now. As a society, we have evolved and started taking mental health very seriously. That is surely a step in the right direction.

However, it could be really tricky to figure out what to say to a depressed person. The thing with depression is that you can worsen the victim’s condition by saying stuff like “it is all in your head” or “just stop thinking about it”.

Regardless of how well-meaning you may be, statements that criticize a depressed person’s mindset or willpower could prove to be counterproductive.


Most people get so scared of saying “wrong things” that they avoid the subject altogether. Well, it makes things even worse because the sufferer starts feeling like an outsider.

We would recommend you stick to the following magic words. They can turn things around for your friend: 

I’m Always Here For You

Depressed people tend to indulge in self-loathing. They convince themselves that they are unworthy of any attention or love from their friends and family members. You can stop them from thinking that way by assuring you are always a text or call away from them.

Most of the time, you do not have to say a single word while you are spending time with the victim. Just giving them a gentle hug will get the job done and put an end to the constant buzzing of “I’m alone” in their mind.

You Can Sail Through This Difficult Phase

Depression paves the way for hopelessness. Over time, it can even lead sufferers to call it quits on life. You should say something that keeps your friend’s fighting spirit alive. It could be something as simple as constantly peppering their mind with a sentence like “there is hope”.

In all likelihood, being at the lowest point of their self-esteem, they may not believe it initially. But you have to keep saying it over and over again until it actually moves the needle.        

It Is Okay To Feel That Way

Have you ever heard your depressed friend stating “I wish I did not subscribe to this feeling”? If yes, you need to stress it is okay to feel that way. Not being open to accepting negative emotions can nurture shame, resentment, and feigned happiness.

Encourage the victim that negative feelings are part and parcel of human existence. Ask him or her to create a strong defense mechanism against such sentiments by practicing yoga and meditation.   

No, You Are Not A Burden

People with depression have a hard time performing simple everyday tasks including cleaning, cooking, etc. As a result, they often rely on individuals around them, and thoughts like “what would I do if a certain person left me?” spring to their mind. So you must make it very clear to your friend that, come what may, you are not going anywhere. 

The Concluding Remarks

It is quite natural for people to offer help to their friends when they are battling depression. But, at the same time, you have to be careful about what you say. As mentioned above, coming up with wrong statements can do more harm than good.   

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