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Digital marketing has taken businesses by storm. Whether you are an already established businessman or an aspiring entrepreneur, digital marketing is your go-to option to get leverage.

But we also need to acknowledge the fact that people are gradually getting tired of ads popping up on their screens. From social media sites to search engines, customers have had enough of being chased by brands. This is one reason why brochures are taking giant strides to become a prominent marketing tool.

Lately, brochures are enjoying astounding popularity among the masses. Not convinced? Well, we kind of saw that coming. Therefore, we have a couple of least-known statistics lined up for you:

  • 80 percent of people make it a point to visit a business after coming across its brochure.
  • 70 percent of people readily accept brochures and give them a read.

These figures leave no room for doubt whatsoever that the era of brochures is far from over. If anything, brochures are cementing their place as a leading marketing medium.


Higher Readability

We get to know about our declining attention span almost regularly. It is a major sign of concern on so many levels. However, this low attention span is particularly worrisome for marketers. They find it very difficult to engage and keep customers hooked to their content. Brochures can come in handy to address this issue.

The minimalistic nature of brochures makes them readable. For example, when you visit a website, you could be overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of content. Not to mention factors like fonts, layout, typography, and speed that could prove to be a massive turn-off for several visitors.

On the other hand, brochures are free from all these elements. Readers know that they will not have to keep up with anything apart from the core message that a business wants to deliver. So they just get right into it with complete clarity.

Having said that, you can boost the readability of your brochure by considering the tips mentioned below:

  • Define your audience before writing
  • Add catchy and relevant visuals
  • Mention a clear Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Break down content in bullet points
  • Be smart about colors

Broachers Are Tangible

Tangibility has great importance in the marketing world. It helps people to connect with your brand. Since digital advertising has become commonplace, a high-quality printed brochure that people can actually hold makes up for a unique presentation.

That is what makes brochures a dependable shoulder when it comes to cutting through the noise. Besides, tangibility also helps to preserve brochures. For instance, if you are organizing an event, it would be a good idea to distribute brochures as soon as the event marks its closure.

The attendees might not read them immediately. But most of them will read brochures while traveling back to their homes. That way, your message will penetrate with a tremendous amount of efficiency.  

Several Distribution Options

Another stand-out feature of brochures is that they provide a wider scope for distribution. You can make them accessible to existing and potential customers in a myriad of ways.

Some of the tried and trusted approaches to disperse brochures include putting them for display at the reception area, sending through direct mail, handing them out on crowded sites, and inserting them inside the parcel.

It does not stop there. Once people get a brochure, they might knowingly or unknowingly utilize it to promote your brand on their own. Haven’t you caught glimpse of a brochure placed on home appliances like refrigerators? Such practices fuel marketing in the small circles of close friends and family members. 


Companies are going through some serious financial drawbacks. As a result, everyone is looking to cut corners. Brochures can ensure you a breathing space because they are way cheaper compared to other online and offline promotional channels. We would recommend you order brochures in bulk. It will lead to a further reduction in costs down the road.

Personalize Your Business

At first blush, our purchasing decisions may seem irrational. But, deep down, they are driven by a wave of emotions. Many comprehensive studies have reinforced this time and again.

So what is the best approach to establishing a solid emotional connection with customers? The answer rests with personalizing marketing campaigns. That is where brochures again take precedence over most modern-day promotional tools.

By handing out a brochure personally to someone, you get a great opportunity to win his/her loyalty. Savvy marketers always make it a point to trigger a striking conversation with prospects while distributing brochures. This also enables you to downplay the element of marketing, which is actually an effective way to add more power to your message.

Bring Versatility

Sometimes a brand provides products and services to multiple types of customers. So, let’s say, if your customers include millennials and baby boomers, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy will not cut it. The reason being, both generations are poles apart in terms of things that appeal to them.

Guess what? You can design brochures to meet the needs of everyone. Businesses segmentize their audiences and craft brochures accordingly.  

You Can Add Plenty Of Information

People often assume that you cannot infuse information in a brochure. Well, it is a grave misconception. With brochures, you have all the freedom in the world to play around with the design and include adequate details.

For example, if you feel running out of space, consider accommodating the information in charts, graphs, tables, and so forth. Make sure you do not compromise on the aesthetics.     

Consistent Branding

Setting up a business used to be a monumental task. Not anymore. The credit goes to the unprecedented revolution on the technological front. That said, the unabashed growth in the number of businesses has taken the competition to another level.

Brochures can help you to stand out regardless of the mushrooming of brands left, right, and center. They offer a striking solution to pave the way for consistent branding. And people do not have a hard time remembering your company. 

Do Well In Online Mediums

Brochures are not limited to fostering the offline audience. You can also place them on social media and websites and gather steam in the online space as well. To top it all off, some businesses have even started to leverage them in their email marketing.

Cultivate Trust

There was a time when people would readily accept whatever they saw online. But now, it seems like the story of a bygone era. Online scams are literally going through the roof, which has made the audience accept businesses’ credibility with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand, when you communicate with people while brochures distribution campaigns, it will waive all the trust issues right off the bat.

The Takeaway Message

Contrary to the popular belief, brochures are still alive and kicking. As a matter of fact, brochures are at the helm of their popularity. An optimal design of brochures will help you meet all the business objectives mentioned above.  

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