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Once businesses reach the top, they typically slow down marketing efforts to save money. Successful entrepreneurs believe that this approach proves to be counterproductive. Regardless of how your company is performing, you must stay on top of the marketing to keep the ball rolling.

We know setting up elaborate promotional campaigns is easier said than done. More so, if you run a small business with meager resources. But the good news is that you can get the better of this problem by investing in email marketing. Budget-friendliness is one of the top reasons why email marketing is trending red-hot.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to advocate emails merely on the basis of an economical marketing source. There is more to it. We have compiled a list that covers the least-known benefits of email marketing:  


Establish Strong Bonding With Customers

As soon as we think about “communication”, social media platforms immediately pop up in our minds. There is no escaping that social sites are a useful vehicle to steer key announcements and keep customers in the loop.

But you cannot guarantee that your Facebook or LinkedIn post will reach out to your broad clientele. People tend to follow hundreds of business and individual accounts on their social profiles, which makes it next to impossible for them to keep the track of all your proclamations.

In like manner, you cannot afford to call every client and let him/her know when your next product launch is going to take place. That is where email marketing services get an upper hand.

An email will surely make it to the inbox of every single subscriber. With infinite means to collect customer data, you can even write personalized copies. A comprehensive report suggests that personalized emails make up for a 6 times higher transactional percentage.

By sending constant email newsletters about intra-organizational affairs, you create an image of being a transparent organization. The practice will consolidate the long-term relationship with customers.         

Get First-Hand Customer Feedback 

It is good to recruit well-qualified individuals to gauge the progress trajectory of your business. But sometimes numbers, reports, and charts could be misleading because they often fail to depict the complete picture.

Therefore, the best way to monitor growth is to tap into customer feedback at regular intervals. Emails can do this job better than any other medium.    

An email list usually comprises people who ardently follow a brand. Since they know your company inside out, their feedback can also lead to innovative solutions to some of your pressing problems.

But, unfortunately, most email marketing campaigns do not manage to pull off enough information from customers. Why? Because email marketing agencies do not structure emails optimally.

Here are tried and trusted methods to make your email surveys more effective:

  • Narrow down clear purpose: Feedback is a broad term. So if you approach a person by saying “pls share your feedback about our company”, he/she might only be able to come up with vague insights. That is why you should define the purpose of your email marketing campaign. It will help customers to provide specific feedback.
  • Keep the survey concise: Answering a survey is one of those things that people do on the go. Hence, asking to-the-point questions will stimulate customers to participate in the survey.   

Become An Industry Expert

Email marketing is conducted with a narrow scope. As a result, a vast majority of businesses use emails when they have to dispatch coupons or deliver promotional offers.

There is nothing wrong with using emails as a source to drive more sales. That said, you can also exploit email marketing to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Being an expert will bring endless growth opportunities to your disposal. For example, the journey of becoming an expert will stuff you with infinite knowledge, it will boost your business in the long run. 

One way to establish authority through email marketing is to leverage videos featuring higher-ups of your company. This is arguably the most stand-out way to prove the mettle of your sound knowledge.   

Generate Quality Website Traffic

In the current era, website traffic is directly proportional to the bottom line. Not to mention its importance as far as SEO is concerned.

Guess what? professional email marketing services are fueling website traffic through email marketing.

But you cannot stimulate people to click the content without a compelling Call To Action (CTA). Thus, make it a point to brainstorm CTA ideas before getting on with email marketing.

Keep Contacts Within Your Access

Social media could be a very vulnerable place. Several official accounts with colossal followings get banned after posting stuff that goes against the policies of the respective social media platform.

Luckily, email marketing is free from this hurdle. You will always access the recipients of your email list.

Summing Up

Contrary to the popular assumption, email marketing is still right up there with the leading promotional tools prevailing in the contemporary generation. In fact, email marketing has improved compared to the past. So take your email marketing team on board, put together a robust strategy, and witness your revenue going through the roof.

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