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Back in the day, local businesses thrived on word-of-mouth marketing. But relying on this conventional tactic alone will not cut it anymore.

The competition in the local market is quite intense and you will have to exploit the latest marketing streams to keep the ball rolling. Knowing that nearly 97 percent of people have utilized search engines to know about nearby businesses, hiring local SEO services could be your best bet to promote a local brand.

Until recently, tapping into local SEO was an optional thing. However, it has morphed into a mandatory measure now. It has been observed that local businesses’ promotional campaigns get hijacked by budget issues.

As a result, their marketing becomes inconsistent and far less engaging. However, local SEO services do not cost a fortune. You can easily acquire them even with a relatively lost budget.

On top of that, if you have basic know-how about local SEO, you can get on with it on your own as well. But you must take the following actions to extract the desired results: 


Optimize Your GMB Page

Google My Business (GMB) is the crux of local SEO. Though businesses are quick to claim their GMB listing, most of them fail to optimize it. So once you are done inserting the basic details about your company, here is what you should ensure proper optimization:

  • Come up with a “from the business” description: Google crunches the provided information and generates an automated bio, appearing below your business name. That said, you can exercise your control on another section titled “from your business.” This description is displayed right under the reviews. There are a couple of hacks to optimize this description. Firstly, mention all the critical information within the first 250 characters. Secondly, make sure the content is inspired by your website’s “about us” page.
  • Select an appropriate category: Selecting a category increases the chances to get found in maximum search results. This step is a must, especially for companies whose names do not reveal their services.
  • Choose valid attributes: As soon as you are done nailing the right category, the search engine will illustrate numerous attributes. You have to pick ones aligning with your business.     

Create A Separate Page For Every Product/Service

The biggest mistake you can commit is to stuff all your products and services on a single web page. Though it cuts the hard work, your local SEO strategy will be dented big time.

Therefore, we recommend you create a separate page for every product and service. By doing so, algorithms will interpret you as an authority in multiple areas and the ranking will spice up like anything.

Prioritize Local Link Building

Just like regular SEO, link building is the key pillar of local SEO. But you have to restrict your link-building strategy to local domains. Mind you, search engines do not give too much weight to the backlinks acquired from below-par websites. The majority of local SEO services write guest posts to go about the job.

Lay Down A Location-Specific Content Strategy

Local SEO services have started putting a lot of emphasis on location-specific content. The reason being, it reinforces your physical location to Google. Consider these strategies to draft a flawless content strategy:

  • Share videos that highlight your contribution to social causes.
  • Publish blogs that cover stories, events, and activities taking place in nearby areas.  

The Last Verdict

Local SEO services are gathering steam. But you can readily come across businesses that are quite disappointed with the way their local SEO performed.

Well, it happens when you do not follow all the optimal measures. If you walk the tight line of the above guide, you will reap more than satisfactory results from local SEO. 

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