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Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms out there. According to a credible report, it has over 1.70 billion daily users. What is more, their number accounts for a whopping 11 percent year-over-year growth. These figures are exactly what turn Facebook into an irresistible marketing channel.

However, promoting a brand on Facebook has become trickier than ever before. It is because Facebook algorithms are always updating.

Not to mention an ever-increasing occupancy of competitors, which has intensified the struggle of standing out. So social media marketers have to be on top of their game to make the most of this platform.

Though all these concerns are quite monumental, it does not mean one has to be a tech geek to promote a business on Facebook effectively.

We have compiled a guide that is packed with extraordinary turns and tricks related to Facebook marketing. Executing these tactics will make sure you accumulate maximum followers and expand the bottom line along the way.    

Create A Business Page

First thing first; set up a Facebook business page. Even if your company already has a Facebook profile, we would highly recommend creating an official Facebook page. The biggest upshot of the Facebook page is that it gives you access to tons of features.

For example, it opens up several communication pathways and helps to track user insights. Moreover, the Facebook page unveils loads of other options if you indulge in paid advertisement. 

It is not uncommon for businesses to take their Facebook pages very casually. Well, this approach dents the company’s image because people build a perception of a business depending on its social media presence.

So creating a Facebook page will cut no ice if you do not maintain it professionally. Here are a few tips that will be useful in exhibiting your Facebook page as an epitome of professionalism:     

  • Include all the official details: Most of the companies go wrong here. They miss out on adding the necessary information about their organization, such as category, address, description, business hours, phone number, website URL, etc. Including more details makes your business trustworthy in the public eye. 
  • Choose a suitable profile picture: The profile picture must include your logo. Make sure the photo has superior quality.
  • Incorporate a CTA button: A curious visitor is most likely to hit Call To Action (CTA) button and provide you an opportunity to capture leads. Facebook brings several CTAs like contact us, make a booking with us, send a message, etc., at your disposal. You may stick to the one that stands in line with your business. 
  • Tap into customization: Customization allows you to preserve tags that are only relevant to your niche. For example, if you want people to read customer reviews, you may consider adding a “review” section.  

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Join Facebook Groups

Following a well-established study, Facebook features roughly 620 million groups. You just have to find the relevant group and be a smart operator.

As time goes by, you will gradually start getting traction. Sometimes business owners get carried away, and they start sharing blatant promotional posts as soon as they become part of a group.

This is a poor tactic by every stretch of the imagination. Worse yet, posting excessive promotional content could even lead to your permeant exit from the group.

A rather clever and surefire approach to marketing your brand would be proving your authority. For example, encourage group members to ask questions and then try to answer them to the best of their ability.

However, it does not mean you should limit your expertise to only your own posts. If other people discuss a topic that falls within the boundary of your proficiency, you must capitalize on the opportunity.

It only takes a few healthy exchanges before people start showing interest in your products or services. Therefore, make the most of every possible prospect. 

Give a good look at the rules before joining a group. If there is any mention of post limitations on a daily basis or content types, strictly abide by those obligations.

Go Live

Lately, the popularity of Facebook live streaming has surged beyond belief. Whether you are looking to build an audience from scratch or inform the existing customer base, Facebook Live is your cup of tea.

Live streaming gives viewers a personalized experience. They get to see and know the people who run your business. As a result, it wards off trust issues and lays the foundation of a solid relationship.

But the problem is Facebook live streamlining has become quite common. Almost every small, medium, or big-scale business is utilizing this tool to override its rivals.

Hence, you will have to outperform so many companies out there to get a fair share of attention. We have enlisted some pieces of advice that will beef up your Facebook live streaming big time:

  • Create hype: Human beings are curious by nature. If you add an element of mystery around an occasion, they would eagerly wait until their curiosity is adequately fed. You should implement the same policy here. Launch a campaign and keep people posted that something big is about to hit the scene. You may exploit emails as well to give some distant clues to the recipients.
  • Opt for the best video quality: A poor-quality video is a huge turn-off. Statistically speaking, 9 out of 10 people will skip the video if it remotely lags behind the standard quality. Hence, make it a point to use a high-end smartphone for live streaming. Better still if you can also chip in with an additional microphone, light, and stand.               
  • Timing is the key: Facebook has its peak hours when the maximum number of people use the platform. You should identify those optimal hours and go live accordingly. 
  • Respond to the comments: Facebook Live is an effective way to connect with the audience. A large body of well-documented reports has proven that answering people’s queries keeps them hooked up to your video for a long time.
  • Optimize the video to replay: Once the live video is finished, you can optimize it for replay to extract maximum juice. Fret not; the optimization process is very straightforward. Facebook will guide you through every step.

Use Facebook Ads

All the techniques mentioned above do not cost a dime. But if you can single out a small amount of the marketing budget, Facebook ads are definitely worth a shot.

Facebook ads allow you to target a specific demographic, age, device, sex, and so on. That way, the sponsored content will only make it to the segment with higher chances of conversion. On top of that, the Facebook advertisement could be generated within as little as 1 dollar.

Since the modern-day generation loves visuals, it is highly advisable to infuse pictures or videos into the content. But that does not mean you are free to cherry-pick any stock image of the video you can lay your hand upon. They must align with the ad’s content.

Typically, marketing does not produce satisfactory results when it is based on instincts or guesswork. That is where A/B testing kicks in. Being a savvy marketer, you must test every ad multiple times on different patterns before making the final call.

It would be best if you kept testing to the point until you are convinced that a specific ad is good enough to milk out expected goals. 

Run Contests

Giveaway contests are very famous on social media. And Facebook is no exception to that as well. Contests will help you to gain more followers while stirring up the engagement rate among the current ones.

That said, if you have never run a contest before, you may not know how to go about it. In that case, diving into the following tips can be a substantial dose of information:

  • Determine the goal: Identifying the right objective is the first prerequisite of running a contest successfully on Facebook. Some of the potential goals could include getting more likes on a specific post, collecting email addresses, increasing the number of followers, driving more traffic to an online store, etc. Whatever you aim for, you must be crystal clear in terms of what you want to achieve.
  • Check Facebook rules: Facebook tends to change the contest regulations every now and then. Violating these guidelines might land you in danger. At times, it might put your Facebook page on the verge of getting banned. To be on the safe side, connect with legal professionals before commencing the campaign.
  • Pick an attractive prize: At the end of the day, most of the participants take part in contests in the hope of winning a thrilling reward. It bears worth mentioning that the prize must have a correlation with your business. That is how your brand name will ultimately become the talk of the town.       

Closing Remarks

If anyone has ever told you that Facebook is not a place to market your business, send him/her the link to this blog. Wise entrepreneurs heavily rely on Facebook for promotional purposes. So what are you waiting for? Implement these techniques right away and strengthen your grip on the respective market.  

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