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Kids typically wait pretty eagerly for summer vacations. The summer break allows them to relieve the academic pressure they had to endure throughout the year. However, most of the kids also take this opportunity to explore themselves by engaging in fun activities. So, parents send them to summer camps to have a ball.  

But a summer camp could cost as much as 1000 dollars on average. Hence, many parents may not be able to afford this luxury. Guess what? You can ward off your children’s summer boredom cheaper without compromising on the fun part one bit.  

We are enlisting some innovative ideas that will keep your kids engaged and entertained at home:   


Backyard Camping  

If the weather is not too much on the hot side, backyard camping is definitely worth a shot. First off, arrange a tent with enough space to cover your family. You do not need to worry if the backyard surface falls short of smoothness to hamper a good night’s sleep. Using yoga mats or luxurious air mattresses will nullify this loophole.  

Go for lighting to enjoy the additional ambiance. Better yet, Fill the backyard with citronella candles that will take the atmosphere to the next level. Do not miss out on the standard campfire food while taking turns to share scary stories.   

Design Greeting Cards  

Technology has come a long way. Today, one can cherry-pick a romantic video or funny gif and convey good heartfelt wishes to loved ones. Indeed, it is a very convenient way to greet one. But nothing comes close to the traditional paper cards. 

Surely, many people from your friend and family circle would be marking their birthdays and marriage anniversaries later this year. How about surprising them with handmade greeting cards? Your children can you with cutting and pasting stuff. It would be wise to enlist the required supplies and buy all of them before getting on with the endeavor. 

Plan An Indoor Picnic  

Picnics are usually associated with outdoor spaces, such as going to beaches with paddling pools or setting up a tent in the forest. That said, the trend of the indoor picnic has been gaining traction for quite some time. More so after the emergence of the infamous coronavirus. The best thing about hosting an indoor picnic is that it comes with minimum hassles. You can virtually arrange the entire setup in a breeze.  

If you are doing it for the first time, the following tips will come in handy:  

  • Set the scene: Since a picnic is all about the vibe, you should do away with the conventional dining table right off the bat. Select a clean spot in the house and drape it with a colorful blanket. In case the weather is too hot for a warm blanket, you may opt for a tablecloth. Decorate the space with cushions to add more appeal and comfort.   
  • Incorporate entertainment: No picnic is complete without a dose of entertainment. Watching your kids’ favorite movie with popcorn is one of the go-to ways to uplift the mood. If your kids are into music, having a jam session would be awesome.  
  • Serve food with style: An indoor picnic does not mean you have to keep up with the dull food presentation. Investing in eye-catching napkins and fancy toothpicks, playing around with textures, choosing the ideal plate size, and serving in small portions are a few tactics for an elegant presentation.      

Indulge In Cooking 

If you do a decent job at cooking, you should transfer cooking skills to children. Sharing the kitchen with your little ones would be a fun-filled experience. Moreover, cooking has to offer endless long-term benefits to children. For example, it improves their hand-eye ordination, math ability, and reading proficiency, to name a few.  

Cooking with kids is easier said than done. If your kids have zero exposure to the cooking world, you should follow the below-mentioned instructions for better results:  

  • Start small: You should start with the easiest cooking project you can venture to imagine. That way, your child will be more involved in the process and gradually develop stamina for bigger ventures.  
  • Make it enjoyable: You can’t expect kids to give their one hundred percent in a dull setting. One way to excite children is to bring their Play-Doh skills into action and ask them to experiment with bread’s shape.  
  • Set them free: Do not put too many restrictions on kids as it is prone to scare them away.       

Play Board Games  

When it comes to board games, the market is oozing with an abundance of options. Thus, you will not have difficulty finding the one that aligns with your kids’ curiosity. Some of the famous board games comprise Catan, risk, the ticket to ride, and sequence.  

It bears worth mentioning that board games do not only serve as an entertainment tool. They play a critical role in widening the scope of cognitive faculties. 

The Takeaway Message  

The coronavirus vaccine has hit the market, and pre-pandemic routines are slowly getting restored. Still, the threat of getting infected by the virus is looming large on the horizon. So we will have to stay indoors for more time. But that does not imply you can’t have a blast with your family. Implementing the ideas mentioned above will guarantee you do not lag behind amusement even after getting restricted to the home.    

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