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The modern generation is overwhelmed with a truckload of options when it comes to choosing a career pathway. On top of that, if an educational institute teaches multiple degree programs, its management would boast all of them equally.

So it could be an uphill task for an average student to get enrolled in a discipline that can ensure him the best professional life. The ideal way to opt for a university course is to narrow down your interests. For example, if you are inclined towards healthcare, studying public health is your best bet because it is oozing with opportunities.

From materialistic gains to the aesthetic pleasure of serving others, a career in public health is equipped with everything you can venture to imagine. If you are still iffy, the following reasons will convince you why public health is one of the most desired fields of the contemporary era:


1. Job Security

There is a variety of things that can lead to the termination of an employee. Strangely enough, these factors might not necessarily have anything to do with the performance of the worker and yet he has to lose his job.

We have seen this happening in many industries, especially during the time of recession and other economic crises. That’s where job security swings into action. If your workplace guarantees you job security, you will continue to serve them for a certain period of time.

It will not only lead to economic stability, but you will also avoid spending sleepless nights over the thought of becoming jobless all of a sudden. Studying public health means you are most likely to avail job security due to the phenomenal growth of the industry.

The healthcare sector is constantly expanding its horizon to cope with such challenges and therefore in dire need of adequate manpower. For instance, the employment rate for health educators is all set to grow by 11 percent between 2018 to 2028.

Not many occupations can catch up with this growth rate. Additionally, since public health receives handsome funding from corporate tycoons as well as governments, there is no dearth of the highest-paid careers here.

2. Freedom

Typically, when people graduate with a degree, they have to walk in a single direction to get a job. The lack of options forces them to settle for a career that is not their first preference. As a result, job satisfaction becomes a distant dream for them for the rest of their life.

This is the last thing you will experience after educating yourself in public health. The reason being, it is a diverse territory. From biostatistics to communicable diseases, from environmental health to health policy and management, there are endless proposals at your disposal. You can easily cherry-pick an area you like to serve the most.

What is more, you may work in numerous settings such as government agencies, non-profit organizations, community-centric entities, etc. Almost every specialization in public health has an implication at local and international levels. Depending on your professional motives, you can shape your career with flexibility.

3. Serving Others

We can go on and on talking about the worldly perks and privileges of studying public health. But, at the end of the day, this profession is all about doing the highest good. That is, serving others. Though everyone can give back to the community in his/her humble capacity, only a few chosen ones can increase someone’s life expectancy, curtail the mortality rate of infants, stop the disease from going viral, and suchlike.

Had it not been for a handful of public health figures, the world would be far worse than what it currently looks like. So if you are one of their precedents, consider yourself very lucky.

Having spent all your life in a developed country like America, you might not know that vaccine-preventable diseases account for more than 1.5 million deaths every year. A public health degree will empower you in several ways to make the world a better place for the coming generations.

4. Excessive Traveling

Working in a public health department, you will get to travel to every nook and cranny of the country. It would include both urban hubs and remote areas. The biggest advantage of traveling is that you will come to learn how a certain disease is perceived in a certain geographical location, which might aid you to unpack a whole new perspective.

Nearly all public health jobs will expose you to multiple cultures. But the following ones are particularly travel-based:

  • Public health nutritionist: People living in rural parts are not well-versed in proper parental care. Resultantly, infants are vulnerable to nutrition deficiencies. The American government is collaborating with public health nutritionists to spread awareness about eating habits in these places. The position will thoroughly fill your appetite for traveling.
  • Public health nurse: The foremost duty of a public health nurse involves conveying important information to people so that they can avoid catching diseases. Generally, these professionals are entitled to work for the populations badly hit by contagions. Public health nurses also lend their services to people who are the victim of domestic violence. By its very nature, the job requires excessive traveling in rural whereabouts.

5. Learning From The Best In The Business

Considering the importance of public health, this discipline is taught by seasoned academics. No matter where you chose to study, in all likelihood, your classes will be conducted by faculty members who have the utmost grip on their respective subjects. That way, you can make the most of the academic years and learn many important lessons from your teachers down the road.

The takeaway message

After going through the above description, it is safe to say that public health guarantees a fulfilling career in every respect. Simply put, it enables an individual to live life on his own terms and conditions. If you are on the lookout for an incredible career, you need not look any further.

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