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We all like to believe that our home is the most relaxing place on the planet. Though there is no match to the comfort our bedroom or tv lounge provides us, a home is typically prone to a variety of accidents. In America, 75 percent of total accident-driven deaths take place in homes. Falls, burns, and cuts are the biggest reasons behind these casualties. Far from our deep-seated notion, the figure goes to show that the domestic environment lacks safety. It particularly stands true for children and older people.

At times, households are well-versed in minimizing the damage of an injury, but they are not well-equipped with the mandatory tools to do so. That is why you should make it a point to keep the following health items in the house. They will aid you in effectively dealing with a medical emergency.


Antiseptic Cream

Statistics reveal that burn injuries have sharply declined in the past 30 years due to applaudable government initiatives. Still, the United States registers a staggering 486000 burn injuries annually. In other words, someone undergoes this painful experience every 65 seconds. Children are easily the biggest victim of burn injuries with 300 of them ending up in emergency rooms every day. That is where an antiseptic cream can be very useful.

The antiseptic ointment can be also applied to other types of injuries such as insect bites, grazes, cuts, etc. As you can see, since an antiseptic cream serves a broad range of health benefits, it is a must-have product for any house. 

While using antiseptic cream, follow the instructions highlighted below for the best results:

  • Make sure to properly wash hands before as well as after putting the cream on the affected body part.
  • Take a clean gauze or use your fingers to spread.  
  • Plaster is a good alternative for additional protection. That said, scalds and burns are an exception to this.
  • As a standard practice, you should not apply the cream more than 2 to 3 times a day at maximum.

Pain Relievers 

If you complain about suffering from backache, most people would solemnly suggest you take a rest. Well, lying down might help in some cases. But things will not always work out that way. Therefore, you must have an adequate stock of pain relievers to be on the safe side. Generally, this type of drug gives you relief from headaches, toothaches, menstrual periods, and so forth. If you want to get rid of pain without putting anything into your body, active patch pain relief is your best bet. 

It is also pertinent to state that you should always go with the provided spoon if the pain reliever is in liquid form because a household spoon may lead to an inappropriate intake of the drug.   


The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Being ignorant of something like a few dust or sand particles could bring them to the verge of a potential disaster. You can’t always rub your eyes and expect the irritation to go away. What is worse, there are times when rubbing eyes excessively could even prove to be counterproductive. So it is nice to have a top-quality eyewash by your side to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

The usage of eyewash is not limited to a specific age group. Almost anyone experiencing uneasiness with his/her eyes is the right for this product. Whether it is the environment, long sessions of video games, manual labor, or contact lenses that trigger the discomfort, eyewash is your one-stop solution for the well-being of your eyes.         

Sterile cotton balls

Regardless of how spotless it may look, conventional cotton rolls could catch bacteria. And cleaning cuts with an infected piece of cotton can further deteriorate wounds instead of improving them. Since you may not have the mechanism to decontaminate it, you should opt for sterile cotton balls.

Sterile cotton balls undergo several tests before finally making it to the market. The biggest upshot of them is that they do not distinguish between skin types. They are suitable for every individual irrespective of the injured party’s health condition. The product is made up of absorbent cotton. Meaning, you will barely need anything else to thoroughly cleanse the damaged part.    

Surgical tape

Surgical tape is also commonly referred to as medical tape. Depending on the severity of the wound, sometimes you might have to completely protect it from water, air, and suchlike stuff. The surgical tape will make the job easier for you. It will stick to the desired body part without applying heat or any outside force. Better yet, surgical tape comprises a material that is remarkably comfy by every stretch of the imagination. One can wear it for days and still feel unbothered.

The takeaway message

The crux of all this write-up is that your home is not as safe as you probably suppose. In fact, certain kinds of injuries are more rampant in homes than anywhere else including the so-called most dangerous workplaces. Hence, it would be wise to have the above-mentioned items preserved in the house.  

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