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Generation Z (Gen Z) includes people born between 1995 to 2010. Like their elders, they have also been wrestling with a variety of challenges in their daily lives. However, combating stress seems to be their biggest obstacle. There are so many credible studies that stand as a testimony to this claim.

According to the comprehensive findings of the American Psychological Association (APA), Gen Z subscribes to the worst stress levels than any other generation in history. It prompts the obvious question “Why Gen Z is so vulnerable to stress?” Well, here are some of the core factors that are associated with their ever-increasing stress levels:


1.     Social Media

We can go on and on talking about the upsides of social media. But the overexposure to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can also put your mental health at stake.

That is precisely the case with Gen Z. They have all the social sites at their fingertips, which makes it pretty convenient for them to share their thoughts with others. But you cannot expect everyone on social media to appreciate your posts.

More often than not, people become very critical of your opinions and come up with negative comments. It does not take long before the negative feedback takes a toll on your mind. As a result, stress creeps in. Citing the latest numbers, a whopping 38 percent of Gen Z individuals admit that social media gives them the impression of being judged.  

2.     Work And Money

Work and money contribute to stress for almost every adult out there. However, this tendency is more common in Gen Z. A study reveals that 81 percent of Gen Z individuals link stress with financial issues. On the other hand, work-related issues trigger stress in as many as 71 percent of Gen Zers.

Experts believe that the competitive nature of work is the reason behind it. Getting a stable job is becoming more and more difficult. Besides, the young generation is completing their education with a relatively higher amount of loans than the previous generations. So they are hell-bent on looking for high-paying jobs, which is again a daunting task and provides the breeding ground for stress.      

3.     News stories

Keeping yourself posted about local as well as international affairs has become very convenient now. All thanks to technological advancements. That said, let’s face it, the media thrives on negative news. So most of the news stories revolve around topics including corruption, harassment, gossip, murders, and so on. It negatively influences the mind of Gen Z. You should not come as any surprise that a vast proportion of Gen Z is concerned about their country’s future.      

4.     Gun Violence 

In the last few years, gun violence has marked considerable growth across the world. Seeing the pictures and videos of various shooting incidents makes Gen Z worry about their own security. To make matters worse, the lack of adequate action from the responsible authorities intensifies their fear. Following well-crunched statistics, Gen Z is more concerned about gun violence in America than access to healthcare facilities and elimination of corruption.    


Stress is part and parcel of everyone who has to fulfill some responsibilities. But if the stress goes beyond a certain threshold, it can wreak havoc on the mental health of an individual. The current trajectory shows that Gen Z is experiencing severe stress due to the phenomenon listed above.  

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